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Spring/Summer Events Calendar 2019

Spring/Summer Events Calendar 2019

Mariotti farm is proud to announce our latest events starting from the Easter weekend to the end of august.

Spring Events Calendar 2019

  • Easter Wine Tasting
    Complete tasting experience of our best labels paired with Easter cheese pizza and traditional cold cuts. The Cellar stays open on friday april 19th and saturday april 20th from 9.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 to 18.30. € 10,00 per person. Info and reservations at 3397536641.
  • Mariotti Farm Winery Tour 
    april 23rd and april 24th 2019, guided tour in the cellar and a walk around the farm hystorical vineyards with a complete wine tasting paired with our traditional cold cuts, cheese and piadina. € 10,00 per person Info and reservations at 3397536641.
  • 25 Aprile in Cantina
    Mariotti farm opens its cellar on april 25th from 09:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 18:30 in order to experience the perfect marriage of tastes between our Bianchello del Metauro Wine and local truffle. Price per person € 15,00. Info and reservations at 3397536641.
  • 50° Anniversario della D.O.C. Bianchello del Metauro
    Come to visit our cellar, on sunday april 28th, for a free Bianchello wine (Riflessi, Piandeifiori, Asdrubale, Grappas and Passito wine) tasting experience in the magical atmosphere of our historical vine rows. 
    Openig hours: 09:00 – 12:00 / 15:00 – 18:30. 
    Info and reservations at 3397536641.
  • 1° Maggio in campagna
    The Cellar is open for a great local food and wine tasting experience in two different occasions:
    Lunch Menu: fettuccine with artichokes, pork jowl and Fossa cheese; roast meat with salad and baked potatoes; home made cookies; Drinks: “Piandeifiori (Bianchello del Metauro DOC), “Acanto” (Marche IGT Rosso), “Passito” di Bianchello. € 25.00
    Afternoon Snack: Italian wrap with cold cuts, cheese and porchetta paired with a glass of “Riflessi” (Bianchello del Metauro DOC) and “Cinabro” (Colli Pesaresi San Giovese DOC).
    € 15.00
  • Cantine Aperte 2019
    Mariotti Farm is taking part to the 27th edition of Cantine Aperte, the National Wine Tourism event held by Movimento Turismo del Vino in order to discover farming secrets and taste regional products. 
    The event will be held for two consecutives days: 
    – Saturday May 25th open cellar form 10:00 to 20:00.
    – Sunday May 26th open cellar from10:00 to 18:00.
    The cost of the “Movimento Turismo Vino” glass is € 10,00 including the taste of 6 wine labels. If you are already holding the “Movimento Turismo Vino” glass, a free wine tasting of 3 wine lables of your choice is included.
    Advance Lunch reservation required. 
    Info and reservation at  3397536641.
  • Mariotti Farm Special Opening Weekend
    Mariotti Farm opens its cellar on the weekend of 1st and 2nd june for every visitor and wine lover. Advance reservations are appreciated. Info and reservation at 3397536641.

    Summer Events Calendar 2019

    Apericena Mariotti
    Mariotti farm is back this summer by popular demand with the apericena in the magical atmosphere of the farm historic vineyards. Entertainment, live music, traditional sea food and meat menus will make for a night to remember.

    June Events

  • Apericena Between Rows and Stars
    Mariotti farm reannounces the apericena in the magnificent atmosphere of our historical vineyard with entertainment and live music. 
    Date & Time: Wednesday 12th,19th, 26th June, @ 20:30 / Saturday 22nd, 29th June, @ 20:30.
    Cost:  € 22,00 per person. Advance reservation required at: 3397536641
  • The Sea in the Countryside
    Traditional seafood dinner in the vineyard to be paired with our white wine best lables
     (Riflessi – Piandeifiori – Poggioterso). The event will take place at Mariotti Farm, saturday june 15th at 08:30 p.m. where our local DJ (Alessandro Casalini) will entertain you with his local and international music hits. € 40,00 per person. Advance reservation required. Info and reservation: 339-7536641

    July Events

  • Apericena in the Cellar
    Mariotti Farm is back for an apericena in the magnificent atmosphere of our historic vineyard. Visit our cellar every wednesday and friday in july for a complete regional food and wine tasting experience. Our music selection will make the atmosphere even better. 
    Price per person € 22,00. Reservation required at: 3397536641.
  • Dinner in the Vineyard 
    Mariotti farm celebrates the pleasant summer nights with a dinner along the Farm historic vineyard. Enjoy a fine dinner experience and our best wine lables
    Date & Time: Saturday 20th of July, @ 20:30. 
    Cost: € 38,00 per person. 
    Advance reservation required at: 3397536641

    August Events

  • Apericena to the Sound of Summer
    Mariotti Farm is back by popular demand for an apericena in the magnificent atmosphere of our historic vineyard. Visit our cellar friday august 2nd and join us for an unique wine and food tasting experience.
    Price per person € 22,00. Info and reservations at 3397536641.
  • Le Stelle nel Bicchiere
    Join us for a special evening with the stars right in the middle of the Farm historic rows. The event takes place at Mariotti Farm saturday August 10th at 08:30 p.m. where, in the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside, you can enjoy an extensive menu of fish specialties to be paired with our best wine lables.
    € 45,00 per person.  Advance reservation required 
    Info and reservation: 339-7536641
  • Mariotti Farm will be closed for holiday on the following dates: august 12 to august 18.
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