Cantine Mariotti

We look forward to welcoming you for a great wine and regional food tasting experience, finding ourselves in a luxuriant and magical countryside.

Welcome to history and taste

Indulge in fresh, contemporary wines shaped by altitude 
and the passion and skill of our winemakers.

Luckily the weather has aligned with our wishes…
the sun and I bid you a warm welcome.

Pay us a visit and satisfy your craving for great regional food.

From “Il passaggio del fronte” by Giulio Colavolpe Severi
[…] crossed the bridge, the “u” curve so narrow that you had to keep going, turn left and go back to open into it, then down until the towpath, turn left again along the riverbank, until you see an old barrel pointing the entrance to the cellar.
We went up the shore and came across two good although different manufactured houses: a farmhouse, solid, built in the late nineteenth century, with no frills, just a little plain-looking gutter at the end of the wall under the roof, modernized sparingly over the years, parallel to the river hidden by a thick row of poplars. It is an ordinary architecture villa about twenty years old, with symmetrical appearance.

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