Cantine Mariotti

DOC excellences since 1930.
Montemaggiore al Metauro - Pesaro Urbino

Land and Territory: Meaning of Land
between Modernity and Tradition

Our experience and desire allow us to welcome every season as we grow together with our land. We inherit the respect for the earth and its great strength from the past. That gives the old and unmistakable scent of our region to our grapes.
We are in Sant’ Antonio, a little town near Montemaggiore, where the rows are still “married” with maples, while the vines can climb toward the sun. These methods are the company standards improved and grown thanks to our most advanced technologies respecting the environment. The vines have been planted along the town heights incarnated with symphonic melodies on a scenery close to the sea. Thanks to a series of rolling hills and plains,  we have the means to offer an unique occasion, so please stop by and taste our products.
These resources have already set our winemaking tradition…growing throught old barrels, skills, passion and scents of our land.

The DOC excellence territory

“Bianchello”, “Biancame” or “Greco di Bianchello” are the most common names and synonyms to indicate the grapes from which our wine comes from. To improve our wine quality we also use a little amount of Malvasia Toscana grapes.

Nowadays Bianchello has always been known as a pleasant match to fish meals.
It became famous when it was considered the official wine at the international festival of brodetto (fish soup) held in Fano in 2013.
It was also mentioned and well suggested by Fabio Tombari, a local famous writer, in his book “Frusaglia”. 

The DOC includes the area around the Metauro river, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.
The slopes facing south-west in the mid and low hills that slope down from the foothills of the Apennines to the sea are the most suitable for the cultivation of this vine. In total there are 18 municipalities included in the DOC.

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